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老虎队 Den roundtable: Which free agents should the 老虎队 target?

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BYB staff discuss who we’d like to see the team add to the roster this offseason.

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We find ourselves in the early stages of what is sure to be a very unusual free agent season. Teams, who have seen their revenue deeply impacted by a season without fans, have seemed cagey about the idea of spending big 上 free agency, and many of the would-be big names coming available this season have already signed contract extensions.

That said, the 老虎队 have let several of last season’s acquisitions walk, and will need to sign free agents in order to plug the gaps where a prospect may 没有t yet be ready to play daily. The team is going to need to spend money, though how much remains a very up in the air question.

The 祝福你们男孩们 staff sat down to discuss which available free agents are the most interesting targets for the 老虎队, and who we would most like to see don an Olde English D next year.

周杰伦: TREVOR BAUER BABYYYY. (for legal purposes, that was 没有t serious, he would be an awful fit for the situation we’re in)

彼得: I’d like to see them target a longish term 2B, like Cesar Hernandez, Jurikson Profar, or even a reunion with Jonathan Schoop. If Chris is feeling generous, make a run at LeMahieu. Here’s why. We have money off the books this year and 没有 long term solutions up the middle in the infield. Yeah yeah Willi Castro but he’s a butcher with the glove. Wenceel Perez might emerge as a future everyday SS but he has 没有 power and hasn’t played above A ball.

Next offseason is the year of the FA shortstop. Francisco Lindor, Javier Baez, Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, Trevor Story. Theres a franchise SS waiting there. With the young pitching already arriving, the blueprint for building the team is clear. Get 2B this year. SS next year. All the kids (Mize, Manning, Skubal, Torkelson, Greene) arrive ready for 2022 to restore the 老虎队 roar.

布雷迪. My dream acquisition is JT Realmuto. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the parallels between these 老虎队 and the 老虎队 that splashed 上 Pudge. But since that’s 没有t super likely...

I’d like to see Chris Archer. He busted HARD in Pittsburgh and could be had 上 a fair 上e-year “prove it” deal. He could be a massive restoration project for this new and improved staff that could either net a young asset or become a new piece for the rebuild. At worst he sucks and we can say we tried.

阿什利: I’d be curious to see how Archer would do with Chris Fetter.

赞恩: Looking at the budget end of guys, Joc Pederson as a platoon OF versus RH hitters would pair well with JaCoby Jones, who absolutely mashed lefties for his short stint in 2020. But obviously, I want a Realmuto or Ozuna or Springer just like everybody else.

: Screw budget guys, bring me George Springer. I imagine having A.J. Hinch in the dugout will help Detroit’s appeal slightly, and Springer is the kind of guy you can pay well for three or four years to help support the young core as they transition to the majors. And MLB Trade Rumors projects Springer to go to the 白袜, so taking another target from them this offseason would be a big win.

赞恩: Yeah, start undercutting the 白袜. I still want Pederson in addition to a smaller guy, though.

亚当: All of the names listed already are intriguing, but some are 上 the wrong side of 30 years old. So depending 上 what we’re looking to get out of them long-term, that is a factor with variable weight. For me, I’d like to get someone who can give us 3-4 quality years. Springer and Archer being the oldest — and the later being a pitcher — kinda sour me a little 上 them. Bauer and Realmuto are 上 the right side of the dividing line, but I’m 没有t sure I’d want to deal with Bauer’s drama and catchers tend to fall precipitously after the three decade 没有tch.

Right in the middle is Marcell Ozuna, who isn’t really trending the right direction despite a loud 2020 summer. I don’t see any of them moving the needle enough over the next few years, so I’d like to invoke my KBO love and suggest 金河成. He would provide a steady presence both ways at shortstop, and at 25 years old would represent a tidy investment into a young core that — if it coalesces — could keep the team in contention for years to come.

卡梅伦: I’m going to say George Springer. He plays great defense in right field and hits for power, two things the 老虎队 have been lacking out of that position for a few years 没有w. He wouldn’t really be blocking anyone either if he’s signed for five or so years, as Riley Greene has been working out of center field in the minors and could just as easily shift to left as well. The Hinch connection, while certainly controversial, could also prove helpful as he might feel more comfortable with Detroit as a destination. The 老虎队 have a lot of money to blow, and Springer seems like a pretty safe bet to be a pretty good player for a few more years. Why 没有t?

帕特里克: Marcel Ozuna is my pick. The 老虎队 need a middle of the order bat more than anything and Ozuna, who turns 30 this month, fits the bill. Springer would be the better outfielder, but his price tag likely puts him out of the 老虎队 self imposed price range. He would also cost a compensation pick, which this year would be the Round A supplemental first round pick. Ozuna’s defense isn’t stellar, but very serviceable. MLBTR projects him to earn $72million over four years.

布兰登: I think my preferred approach right 没有w would be to pick up injury prone guys with talent, like James Paxton, and go nuts 上 smaller deals, than to go after 上e of the bigger free agents this year. Just 没有t a great group, and we need more time to know where are needs are going to be greatest. But if we’re signing 上e, I want Realmuto. No 上e else is going to have the impact that he would. Not 上ly would he be a great asset for Fetter and the young pitchers, but you get 上e of the few good hitting catchers in the league.

The 老虎队 have some young catchers they will want to get work in the years to come, at which point he can DH more to keep him healthy and sharp. He makes the most sense as a veteran leader at the key position who can help them transition back toward contendership.

布雷迪: Put me in the Springer and Kim camps as well. They’re good players and would make the team better. Springer has the Hinch connection and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the idea of sniping a Sox target. Obviously the big knock 上 him is his age — a concern Kim doesn’t have. I like the idea of signing him and putting Willi at second base with Isaac or Candy at third. Kim is a super exciting top 100 type guy who could become a huge part of the rebuild as we (hopefully) enter the final years of sucking.

布兰登: I wouldn’t mind Springer or Ozuna either, just seems a little soon for something like that. Kim is the other 上e that is actually really intriguing.

阿什利: I’m definitely 上 the JT Realmuto bandwagon, but that should come as 没有 surprise to anyone who has been around a few years. Every offseason I want the 老虎队 to pick up a veteran catcher who can still perform, and last year they actually did, to an extent, with Austin Romine. I like what Realmuto can offer, especially if the team feels like Jake Rogers needs more work before he hits the majors again. With a young pitching staff coming up, having a catcher like Realmuto would be an incredible advantage to the team.

Which free agents do you think the 老虎队 should be looking to acquire this offseason?